Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants!

but where we gonna eat???

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What is this site about??? Well, if you are an engineer at a company (hardware or software, and possibly other kinds), you probably have a tradition of getting together for lunch on a certain day of the week. In our case, it was Friday.

However, if you are a bunch of engineers, you know what happens at the appointed time!

"Where do you want to eat?" "I don't know, where do you wanna go?" "Dunno, where you wanna go?" rinse, repeat, until the best time to leave for a restaurant has passed (the old - "I want to go to this great restaurant, but if we don't leave by 11:05 it will be a half hour wait, and we don't have that much time!" gotcha).

We had that problem, big time. So I finally wrote a web application to (try to) solve it - VOTE for the restaurant(s) you want to go to by 10:30AM! Then, at 11AM on Friday - check the vote, and go eat.

As in all things, the reality turned out slightly less... cut and dry. We would regularly meet with a 3-way tie! (or higher - I believe the biggest one was a 5-way tie, involving at least 3 different Thai restaurants... No, really).

However, not to panic. This actually made the decision quite managable - it became "which of these 3 places do you who are here want to go to?" Then just take the one with the highest (in-person) votes and go there.

Problem solved! No more "I don't know, where do you..." cycles. Generally less than 2 minutes taken in deciding (usually we spend more time getting everyone together than deciding!).

For reasons I won't bore you with, I added the ability to have different groups. It works pretty well, except right now it does not work well when you switch from one group to another, so for now I recommend a different email address for each group you are in. (Watch this space, and the user home page, for news when this is fixed, as I want to change it so you can just click a button to switch from group to group)

So, that means you too can create a lunchspace group and avoid the "Where you wanna go" loop!

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Watch this space! :-)